NovaSpec™ Base Oils

NovaSpec™ Base Oils

Petroleum, the world’s most valuable and sought-after commodity, is a nonrenewable resource that won’t last forever. As global industrialization broadens, petroleum demand and environmental damage keep pace. The search for products that can replace petroleum has been underway for some time, but alternatives that match performance and value have proven elusive.

Within the lubrication industry, products based on natural and synthetic esters can be found in niche applications, but no fluid has been able match the broad applicability and formulation options of mineral oils. NovaSpec™ Base Oils meet those challenges. Renewably sourced from plant sugars, they perform like poly-alpha olefins (PAOs) and meet Group III specifications, providing the long-sought alternative to petroleum.

Group III Performance

The American Petroleum Institute defines lubricant base oils per the table below. NovaSpec is the only renewable technology available to meet Group III specifications for products marketed in the engine oil segment. NovaSpec Base Oils outperform Group III oils while delivering important environmental benefits.

API Base Oil Categories


Environmental Benefits

NovaSpec Base Oils offer much greater biodegradability than petroleum-sourced fluids and are nontoxic, allowing several grades and many formulated lubricants to meet stringent regulations, such as the European Ecolabel, NSF H-1 and HX-1 Food Grade, and the US EPA VGP 2013. Because they are made from plant sugars, finished lubricants based on NovaSpec Base Oils meet USDA BioPreferred labeling requirements, depending on the amount of Novvi base oil in the final formulation.

Using NovaSpec Base Oils reduces greenhouse gas emissions, from sourcing to manufacturing to applications. And that’s just the beginning. NovaSpec Base Oils are also compatible with existing petroleum recycling infrastructure so that they can be re-refined and reused, creating a positive loop of reduced fossil-fuel dependence and a cleaner planet.

Revolutionary Combination

For performance, NovaSpec Base Oils are on par with the highest quality products available. Add in their environmental benefits and the competition disappears. Because it’s a pure hydrocarbon, NovaSpec is compatible with conventional additive packages. Novvi has earned support from the industry’s top additive companies to create market-leading products that demonstrate NovaSpec’s capabilities.

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