Gear Lubricants

NovaSpec™ Base Oils can be used to formulate high-performance synthetic gear oils used for industrial and marine applications. NovaSpec base oils are compatible with conventional additive packages, allowing easy formulation of lubricants that can perform under extreme pressure and offer superior rust and oxidation characteristics, with excellent biodegradability. Replacing a lower grade or synthetic base stock with NovaSpec leads to gear lubricants that step up operational performance and lower environmental impact.

Improved Performance

NovaSpec Base Oils begin with plant sugars, which are transformed into specific, highly desirable molecules for lubricants. They impart excellent antiwear and stability properties to the final formulation. Best-in-class oxidation stability allows operators to lower costs through extended lubricant replacement intervals and reduced maintenance. Lower friction and operating temperatures extends the life of the equipment.

In marine applications, where US VGP 2013 requires environmentally acceptable lubricants, NovaSpec Base Oils enable lubricant formulations that meet performance expectations where other mineral oil replacements fall short.

Drop-In Compatibility

NovaSpec Base Oils are compatible and miscible with mineral oil, eliminating complications that often occur with other environmentally friendly fluids. This unique property sets NovaSpec apart for performance and transition ease.


NovaSpec™ Base Oils

NovaSpec Base Oils are plant-based synthetic oils designed to deliver high performance, while offering major environmental benefits when compared with petroleum-sourced base oils. Ecofriendly advantages include nontoxicity, renewability, and improved biodegradability.

Novvi encourages and supports others’ efforts to formulate new product applications from its revolutionary NovaSpec Base Oils and also offers a wide range of preformulated oils and lubricants.

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