Heat Transfer Fluid


Heat Transfer Fluid

NovaSpec™ Base Oils offer significant advantages in formulating heat transfer fluids used in nonpressurized, closed-circuit, and liquid-phase heating and cooling systems. They deliver key benefits that contribute to lower operating costs by extending service life and reducing maintenance. NovaSpec Base Oils are also NSF H-1 and HX-1 certified, enabling formulators to incorporate them into food-grade heat transfer fluids.

Performance Advantages

The unique chemistry of NovaSpec Base Oils begins with plant sugars, which are transformed into specific, highly desirable hydrocarbon molecules. In heat transfer applications, the base oils offer excellent efficiency, high thermal and oxidative stability, and low volatility compared with similar grades of mineral-oil and PAO-fluid formulations.

In a lab test designed to compare base stocks, NovaSpec Base Oils were able to provide better cooling than any other fluid tested.

NovaSpec Base Oil Cooling Performance


Favorable heat capacity and thermal conductivity establish best-in-class heat transfer performance, improving operational efficiency in electronic and manufacturing applications.

NovaSpec-based heat transfer fluids can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures. Their low pour points make them ideal in applications where cold temperatures challenge the pumpability of other fluids. In high temperature environments, excellent thermal stability prevents fluid breakdown, while low volatility reduces the likelihood of vapor formation and subsequent pump cavitation.

Environmental Benefits

Novvi offers the only pure hydrocarbon base oils for formulating sustainable heat transfer fluids. Renewably sourced from plant sugars, NovaSpec Base Oils are nontoxic and more biodegradable than petroleum-sourced fluids. NovaSpec Base Oils are the best foundation for heat transfer fluid applications requiring exceptional environmental and operational performance.


NovaSpec™ Base Oils

NovaSpec Base Oils are plant-based synthetic oils designed to deliver high performance, while offering major environmental benefits when compared with petroleum-sourced base oils. Ecofriendly advantages include nontoxicity, renewability, and improved biodegradability.

Novvi encourages and supports others’ efforts to formulate new product applications from its revolutionary NovaSpec Base Oils and also offers a wide range of preformulated oils and lubricants.

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