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Olefin Copolymers

Next Advancement in Bio-sourced Polymers

Renew legacy product lines, or create new copolymers with Novalene linear olefins from Novvi. Finely controlled structures deliver on a commitment to high-performance materials, while recognizing consumer demand for sustainability. Demonstrated on a broad range of carbon chain lengths, Novvi can be the partner to build out your bio-sourced portfolio.

  • Perfectly linear
  • Single chain length
  • High purity


Introducing Novalene, linear olefins with tunable chain lengths, reactive sites and architecture.

Sustainable elastomeric copolymers, impact modifiers and plastomers

High Purity, Long Chain Sustainable Olefins Sustainable production of high-purity olefins is the ideal compliment to bio-sourced polyolefin production. Reach out to us and find the right solution.
Differentiated Performance and Features Explore new properties and features based on long chain olefins. With Novvi, there is complete control of the olefin structure. Reach out to us and find the right solution.

Become a part of the solution.