Good for the planet. Great for business.

Beneficially Sourced

Though Novvi products can be made from any plant sugar, including cellulosic sugars, today’s products are made from sustainably grown Brazilian sugarcane, one of the most photosynthetically efficient plants widely available on earth. Sugarcane provides a high-quality feedstock and brings the added benefit of sequestering carbon dioxide with exceptional efficiency. Studies show that Novvi chemicals could sequester as much as three tons of carbon dioxide for every ton of chemicals used.

Certified Sustainable

Sugarcane syrup is used to produce Biofene® (β-farnesene), a renewable hydrocarbon molecule certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB).

In addition, Novvi parent company, Amyris, is a member of Bonsucro, the world’s leading sugarcane sustainability standard. Novvi and its parent companies continue to focus on reducing the impact of operations on the environment and improving sustainable practices.

Improved Equipment Efficiency

Novvi products stand up to time, temperature, wear, rust, and corrosion. Thanks to Biofene’s novel molecular structure, Novvi base oils provide clean-performance benefits that improve motor or engine efficiency and extend equipment life, further reducing environmental consequences and greenhouse gas production, while helping customers lower equipment costs.

A sustainable bottom line.

Novvi products bring sustainable high-performance alternatives to oil and lubricant product lines, adding renewable revenue that will go the distance.