Mining & Construction

Mining & Construction

Lubricants used in mining and construction equipment must meet the challenging performance requirements of massive equipment used in extremely harsh conditions. Operators simply cannot afford maintenance issues that sideline expensive machinery and mobile units. Novvi high-performance lubricants provide the critical equipment protection operators need. They also reduce costs by extending drain intervals, improving energy efficiency, and lengthening equipment life.


Many mines and construction contractors face public and government pressure to improve environmental care. Novvi renewable synthetic lubricants increase equipment performance while supporting sustainability initiatives that enhance a company’s reputation for social responsibility. Formulated from nontoxic NovaSpec Base Oils that offer better biodegradability, Novvi lubricants also help mitigate clean-up costs for spills and incidental fluid loss.


Novvi lubricants support all aspects of mining and construction equipment needs:

  • Heavy-duty lubricating oils, such as extreme-pressure oils for hydraulic systems, air compressors, and enclosed gear drives
  • Multipurpose engine oils
  • Specialized and general purpose grease, for bearing applications and specialized mining equipment
  • Transformer oil for mobile and fixed power and distribution transformers

NovaSpec™ Base Oils

NovaSpec Base Oils are plant-based synthetic oils designed to deliver high performance, while offering major environmental benefits when compared with petroleum-sourced base oils. Ecofriendly advantages include nontoxicity, renewability, and improved biodegradability.

Novvi encourages and supports others’ efforts to formulate new product applications from its revolutionary NovaSpec Base Oils and also offers a wide range of preformulated oils and lubricants.

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