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Virtually all personal transportation and recreational vehicles in the United States use petroleum—from ski boats to snowmobiles, lawnmowers to ultralights. Even bicycles use petroleum lubricants.

Novvi oils and lubricants are formulated from NovaSpec Base Oils to satisfy the most demanding industrial requirements, but they also meet the everyday needs of people concerned about equipment protection. They provide cleaner lubrication for uses that include two-stroke engines that mix fuel with lubricating oil. These engines are large contributors to air pollution when they use low quality oil that doesn’t fully combust and is released into the atmosphere as exhaust.

Unfortunately, too, many individuals don’t dispose of spent or leftover oils and lubricants properly, causing them to end up in landfills and waterways. The improved biodegradability Novvi formulations provide can also play a role here. Responsible lubricant choices in the wide range of personal applications contribute to a healthier community and planet.

NovaSpec™ Base Oils

NovaSpec Base Oils are plant-based synthetic oils designed to deliver high performance, while offering major environmental benefits when compared with petroleum-sourced base oils. Ecofriendly advantages include nontoxicity, renewability, and improved biodegradability.

Novvi encourages and supports others’ efforts to formulate new product applications from its revolutionary NovaSpec Base Oils and also offers a wide range of preformulated oils and lubricants.

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