True sustainability.

Novvi plant-based oils and lubricants begin life on the farm. They grow up in sugarcane fields, but they could just as easily come from fields of corn, sorghum, sugar beets, or cellulosic sugar sources.

Renewable. Biodegradable. Nontoxic.

Unmatched sustainability + superior performance.

Together for the first time.

Until now, petroleum-based oils and lubricants have beaten back environmental challengers with a not-so-secret weapon—performance. Not anymore. Novvi plant-based products may look like environmental darlings, but they deliver performance that humbles the leading high-performance oils and lubricants.

Pure performance. No compromise.

The revolution starts with NovaSpec™ Base Oils.

Developed from a plant-based liquid hydrocarbon foundation with novel properties, NovaSpec™ Base Oils were made to mix. They nail the application requirements, deliver on performance, and feature drop-in miscibility with petroleum-based products and systems, including used-oil collection and re-refining infrastructure.

Base Oils  •  Engine Oil  •  Two-Cycle Oil  •  Gear Lubricants  •  Compressor Oil  •  Transmission Fluid  •

Hydraulic Fluid  •  Grease  •  Transformer Oil  •  Heat Transfer Fluid

Ultimate protection. Uncompromised performance.

NovaSpec base oils meet the toughest performance specifications set by equipment OEMs and independent international organizations.

Setting new standards for quality.

Good for us all.

The need to conserve limited natural resources is an ever-present and growing concern. From corporate board rooms to kitchen tables, and in the offices of lawmakers and regulators around the world, people are searching for sustainable, environmentally friendly products—especially those that don’t require a choice between the planet and performance. That’s the beauty of Novvi.

At Novvi, we’ve applied big science and invested considerable resources into developing solutions that work for everyone. Today we offer a diverse range of products that easily surpass every environmental requirement while outperforming leading high-performance oils and lubricants.

Better for equipment. And the planet.