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The Novvi Advantage

Performance where it matters most

Novvi was built to create sustainable materials that would deliver outstanding performance. The company achieved that aim — and continued innovating. Today, Novvi is accelerating the adoption of high-performance sustainable materials, in products of all types and in places around the world.

Team The people that make Novvi great
Manufacturing Novvi’s world-class manufacturing plant
Technology The innovation engine that powers Novvi

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Novvi identified new sustainable molecules that could replace petroleum products, without compromising on price or performance. And we did it fast.

Thanks to our unique methodology, state-of-the-art technology, and rapid-fire experimentation, we moved from innovation to commercialization at unprecedented speed, allowing us to deliver on evolving and expanding market demands.

Novvi pursues its mission with the following three major values in mind:

Uncompromised Performance

Novvi’s ethos revolves around creating the highest-performing products in the industry.  A performance-based culture extends beyond products alone, and into all attributes of the business. 

Environmental Stewardship

Novvi is dedicated to creating products that reduce greenhouse emissions, and are produced from ethically sourced renewable feedstocks.  The company does not believe that customers must sacrifice performance in order to achieve sustainability targets.

Standard-Setting Quality

Novvi aims to meaningfully push the product quality envelope.  The company believes that rapidly changing end markets will increasingly require highly tailored chemical inputs designed for specific applications.  Novvi intends to service that demand through rapid innovation. 

Novvi LLC is a joint venture of Amyris, American Refining Group, Chevron, and H&R. Novvi draws from the strengths of all its strategic shareholders to execute a level of innovation to rapid commercialization to meet the increasing demands on the chemicals industry for sustainability, performance, and value.

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