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Better Materials, Better Living

The most important part of your home is who’s inside it. Keep them healthy and thriving with Novvi.

Novvi’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and plant-based products are free of VOCs, while also out performing alternatives on the market.

Powering everything from roofing to bedding, cleaning products to paint, Novvi allows people to construct houses and create homes, without ever compromising the air they breathe – making it the planet’s choice for a healthy home.

  • Plant derived ingredients
  • Promotes a health home
  • Improve energy management
The Healthy Home

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Cleaning is important – it limits our exposure to harmful bacteria, mold and viruses in the home, but cleaning chemicals often contribute to reduced indoor air quality. Select Novvi plant derived solvent line, NovaSolv, to support zero VOC cleaning, and effortless grease & grime removal. Incorporate Novvi Luxtra® emollients, and simultaneously clean, nourish and soothe soiled skin, all in one efficacious and luxurious product.

  • General household maintenance cleaning
  • Clean, smooth, condition in one step
  • Effortless remove oil, grease, and grime in second

Nature inspired energy management

Energy Management

Energy is one of the most imperative aspects of technological advancement, but as the biggest source remains from fossil fuels its conservation is essential for sustainable development.

Novvi solutions underscore the possibility to integrate energy management into everyday life with high performance Phase Change Materials (PCM). Reach new levels of comfort and efficiency in building materials, textiles, mattresses and more.

  • Integrated passive thermal management
  • Support peak human performance
  • Lithium ion battery separators

Better living through better materials

Novvi Everywhere In Everyday Life

On average, humans spend about 90% of every day indoors, which creates significant opportunity to interact with lesser quality materials. Novvi materials factor into creating better, safer and more durable upgrades in support of a healthier home.

Created from plants, but engineered to perform, Novvi materials can be found throughout your home, top to bottom, inside and out delivering heightened performance and long term sustainability.

Found everywhere in the home
Coatings Health and comfort are intimately inked to indoor air quality, and Novvi materials provide a step change advancement zero VOC.
Adhesives & Sealants Adhesives and sealant have many touch points around the home. In addition to eliminateing VOCs, Novvi products engender performance gains that promote longevity and durability.
Gaskets & Hoses Gaskets can be found in HVAC, power & utility, expansion joints and weather stripping. Performance is paraount for each, but not just today. EPDM modified with Novvi PureNova help retain key properties over the life of the item.
Fiber Optic Cables To ensure consumers experience uninterupted connectivity, cables need to protect against signal attenuation. Oil gels made from PureNova deliver a combination of optimal application and service temperature, viscosity and oil retention.
Batteries Lithium ion battery separators provide performance and safety, and Novvi provides the ideal porogen to deliver both. Keep your home and life running with PureNova.
Membranes Applied as solid or liquid, membranes protect the home from the elements. Modified EPDM roofing, liquid rubber sealants or alternatives to petroleum distillates in protective top-coats, Novvi options deliver excellent UV stability, and longevity that provide true sustainability while protecting your home.
Textiles & Mattresses Incorporating Novvi PCM into foams and textiles for bedding will keep you cooler at the onset of sleep that is linked to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.
Performance Clothing Novvi PCM that absorb, store and release heat more efficiently than any other comparable product by virtue of superior performance and purity. Regulating your body temperature to maintain peak performance (or comfort) through the course of your hectic day.
Personal Care Sometimes a bit of pampering is essential after a hard day. Novvi products can be found in everyday products in your kitchen, bathroom and powder room.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our products meet all conditions for a Low Vapor Pressure-Volatile Organic Compound (LVP-VOC) exemption.

Absolutely, our products are free from impurities, and also have very tight molecular weight distribution.

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