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Novvi Technology Platform

Novvi’s technology platform allows for flexible intake of different plant-sourced raw materials coupled with a modular synthesis platform to produce a range of high-performance molecules. 

How are Novvi’s products produced?

Novvi manufacturing graphic
Step 1. Feedstock Preparation Switching your materials from fossil based to Novvi sustainable alternatives can be done very simply, but creating the technology to make these sustainable materials took years of research, resulting in Novvi’s proprietary process. The Novvi manufacturing process consists of three core steps: feedstock preparation, molecular synthesis, and finishing. 
Step 2. Molecular Synthesis Novvi takes renewable plant derived feedstocks and modifies them into ultra-pure chemical building blocks for our downstream processes.  Novvi’s feedstock process has tremendous flexibility for plant source, molecule size, and structure. 
Step 3. Finishing Using our novel renewable building blocks, Novvi builds molecules to fit specific applications while pushing performance to new levels with our technology platform.  Novvi makes molecules of various molecular weights, physical structures, and functionality to deliver against precise performance guidelines.

The finishing step defines the final products purity and stability characteristics.  

Novvi’s process capabilities are unrivaled allowing us to deliver the performance our customers expect.  It drives our never-ending creation of new molecules to make sustainability a reality in high performance applications around the world.

Novvi team research

Novvi R&D

Novvi’s proprietary HTE R&D process allows the company to develop new products up to 60x faster than its competition

This engine for innovation — made possible by tools and techniques that are unique to Novvi — yields a globally unmatched level of molecule design and performance.

Novvi Scale-Up

Product R&D and Innovation are wasted if you cannot get the technology scaled up with a process and CapEx that can scale to deliver on the market opportunity.  Novvi’s tight multidisciplinary integration coupled with its unique coupling of R&D with scale-up pilot reactors allows for scale-up to succeed in unprecedented time with minimal costs

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