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Personal CARE

Created by Nature,
Perfected by Novvi

The Future of Pure Beauty

If ever there was a place to marry form and function, it’s in the products you put on your face and body. And Novvi Solutions deliver.

With the performance you get from petroleum products, the aesthetics you get from expensive oils, and the carbon neutrality you get only from nature, Novvi has the future of beauty.

With Novvi’s plant based oils, your clean beauty products will deliver healthy hair, hydrated skin, and a beautiful face, combined with goodwill owed to your global impact.

Plus, by using a naturally derived synthetic, you get the critical repeatability and reliability that allows you to hear the trust of your customer, around the world and over time.

  • Reinvent your product portfolio
  • Create inspired textures
  • Source the best alternatives to undesirable ingredients


A unique class of emollients derived from plants.

Inspired textures and aesthetics


High performance plant derived emollients with sensorial excitement .

A unique class of premium, ultra-high purity emollients with ‘luxurious’ aesthetics, and offer ‘extra’ performance make Luxtra designer emollients ideally suited for hair, face and body alike.

Specialty Waxes

Plant derived synthetic waxes unite form and function.

Novvi has broad capability to craft high-purity, water white waxes for personal care and cosmetics applications. From highly structured with glide, to novel body temperature solid-liquid transitions, Novvi specialty waxes are designed to amaze.


Plant Alkanes

Next-generation high-performance plant-derived alkanes

Move over coconut, Novvi’s technology platform upgrades a range of plant oils into indulgent isoalkanes that offset industry convention. Better yet, create altogether new sensorial profiles and textures with Novvi.

Spray sun screen

Artisan Building Blocks

Sustainability to all facets of personal care.

Often overlooked are additives, and low-use ingredients because their contribution to a formulation are low, and yet they may have a profound impact from a GHG standpoint. Create better derivatives to enable 100% naturally sourced formulations, and contribute to GHG reductions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are a unique class of premium, ultra-high purity ingredients that emphasize a natural origin and desirable aesthetics.  As novel alternatives to petroleum-based materials, Novvi products are ideally suited for skin, hair, sun & body care, makeup, and cleanser products.

Our products are exclusively produced from sustainable plant-based feedstocks using an advanced technology platform.  We will always provide a renewable carbon content per ASTM D6866 and Naturally Derived Index per ISO 16128 so that you can confidently convey a positive plant-story narrative to your customers.

Become a part of the solution.