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Sustaining Your Products + Planet

Novvi solutions allow you to extend the quality and caliber of your polymers over time.

Translating into greater durability, greater fidelity, and performance benefits that begin today and continue for the long haul.

Plus, by sustaining your products, you are sustaining the planet.  The wholly renewable products enable efficient reduction in CO2 impact, so you and your customers can make good on your pledge to carbon neutrality — fast. 

  • Enhanced properties, today and over the life of your product
  • More efficient plasticization without compromise
  • Viable pathway to carbon neutral compounds
  • Renewable building blocks for next generation polymers


Introducing PureNova, a higher standard of performance and purity for modifying Polymer properties.


A new level of control for formulators and confidence for customers

PureNova for thermoplastic elastomers localize modification to soft blocks for precision control of plasticization, while maintaining an overall robust mechanical property profile.


Maintain compliance today, tomorrow, and beyond.

PureNova™ process oils add longevity to thermoset material by maintaining key properties over the life of your product.


A better choice for versatility, applicability, and sustainability.

Zero VOC PureNova efficiently extends hot melt adhesives with no compromise on upper use temperature.

Olefin Co-Polymers

The next advancement in bio-sourced polymers

Compliment bio-sourced ethylene and propylene with Novvi’s olefins for 100% sustainably sourced polyolefin copolymer alternatives.

Functional Additives

Building the better building blocks.

Functionality imparted to Novalene olefins, and plant derived oils presents endless opportunities to craft custom tailored molecules to meet virtually any challenging specification.

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome the chance to have this conversation about the GHG emissions of your product. Using published data and our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for PureNova we can estimate a net difference of carbon emissions on your product, which can, in turn, be communicated to your customer. This level of transparency may not be typical, but we believe that it is essential to achieving your carbon neutrality pledge.

We offer an efficient means to increase performance while lowering carbon footprint.  Be it in the form of process oils, or a monomeric building block, incorporating Novvi materials is a great way to create high-performance sustainable materials.

PureNova is a pure, non-polar paraffin molecule, and consequently can provide superior compatibility in non-polar polymers.  For example, styrenic-block-copolymers, polyolefins and polyolefin elastomers, EPDM, and natural rubber.

Similarly, PureNova is compatible with while oils, silicone oils, triglycerides, and many other oils that could be used in processing. You can confidently drop it into existing manufacturing setting knowing that it will not create a cumbersome changeover.

Become a part of the solution.