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Porsche AG Tests Evolve Lubricants, Inc. Renewable EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum Motor Oil

February 22, 2022

Evolve Lubricants, Inc. EvoSyn non-petroleum motor oil, made from renewable base oil and tested by Porsche AG.

MONTEREY, Calif. – February 22, 2022 – (

Evolve Lubricants, Inc., maker of high-performance non-petroleum lubricants for passenger car motor oil and industrial applications, announced Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG tested Evolve’s EvoSyn™ non-petroleum renewable and sustainable motor oil in July of 2021. Porsche AG has invited Evolve Lubricants, Inc.’s co-founder, President, & CEO Rick Lee to publish and present the results of the engine testing at the 9th International Engine Congress 2022 in Baden-Baden, Germany, Feb. 22-23.

“We are incredibly honored to have this new disruptive technology tested by Porsche AG, and the results presented in our paper to the 9th International Engine Congress,” said Rick Lee. “We feel that this test has validated our EvoSyn™ lubricants performance with our results.”

Rick Lee has published the paper Renewable Engine Oils Test at the invitation of Porsche AG at the 9th International Engine Congress. The paper outlines the performance characteristics results of the EvoSyn™ 0W-40 non-petroleum engine oil tested by Porsche AG. The paper is available on the Evolve Lubricants, Inc. website.

Evolve Lubricants EvoSyn™ non-petroleum motor oils are made with advanced technology that utilizes renewable synthetic hydrocarbon molecules. Derived from plant biomass, these motor oils significantly outperform petroleum-based products in a wide array of performance characteristics. These include volatility, oxidation, thermal breakdown resistance to maintain the original viscosity, shear stability, and the reduction of friction and wear, aiding in longer engine life.

Evolve Lubricants’ high-performance renewable carbon-negative lubricants help organizations achieve performance and ESG goals while moving away from petroleum-based products. The EvoSyn™ non-petroleum motor oil portfolio meets and exceeds most manufacturer requirements and are drop-in replacements requiring no modification for use in new and older vehicles.

Evolve has the experience of being in some of the highest performing and iconic race cars in the world, including Porsche 917Ks, vintage Formula 1 cars, and modern race cars.

“EvoSyn™ non-petroleum motor oils, engineered using renewable synthetic hydrocarbon molecules, are a breakthrough in modern lubrication. Individuals and companies can begin moving away from petroleum without sacrificing performance.” – Rick Lee

EvoSyn products are currently available through Evolve Lubricants, Inc.’s website,, and through an exclusive network of EvoSyn™ dealers. Products include 0W-40 European Car Formula, 5W-40 European Car Formula, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, with more products in development.

About Evolve Lubricants, Inc.

Evolve Lubricants Inc. is a green technology company that has developed and manufactures high-performance non-fossil sustainable lubricant solutions for the consumer, commercial, industrial and transportation sectors.

Evolve Lubricants, Inc. is headquartered in Reno, Nevada. Full lines of lubricants are marketed through this organization. Brands include EvoSyn™ and ECORSA Motorsport™.

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Porsche AG Tests Evolve Lubricants, Inc. Renewable EvoSyn™ Non-Petroleum Motor Oil