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The Essence of Pure Beauty

Luxtra emollients are exclusively produced from sustainably sourced plant oils using Novvi’s advanced technology platform.  Pure, non-polar oils with exceptional moisturizing properties provide novel Clean Beauty ingredients as alternatives to petroleum-based paraffins & silicones.  A unique class of premium, ultra-high purity emollients with ‘luxurious’ aesthetics, and offer ‘extra’ performance make Luxtra designer emollients ideally suited for hair, face and body products alike.

  • PERSONAL CARE APPLICATIONS: Skin, Sun & Body Care, Hair, Makeup and Cleansers
  • USAGE LEVEL: Up to 100%, combine grades to create the precise aesthetic your customer desires
  • PLANT SOURCED: Derived from plant oils with Naturally Derived Index >99.7%

  • Renewability
    • 100% renewable carbon, biodegradable, and without any of the impurities typically found in petroleum-based products.
  • Aesthetics
    • Luxurious touch, Colorless liquid, Rich textures without greasy after feel.
  • Solubility
    • Soluble in plant oils, mineral oils, cosmetic solvents. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol.
  • Ease of Use
    • Non-comedogenic, readily forms stable emulsions, stable across a wide range of pH, hot and cold process friendly


Luxtra LIGHT: Exceptionally light & dry feeling oil with enhanced solvency and high slip and fluidity.

Luxtra PURE: Delicate oil with excellent penetration properties for added moisturizing, soothing, and active delivery in personal care products.

Luxtra RICH: An unctuous oil without a greasy after feel, adds richness and nourishment with excellent spreadability to form an occlusive barrier for moisture retention.

portfolio key attributes
AppearanceVisualColorless LiquidColorless Liquid Colorless Liquid
Density @ 15° (kg/L)ASTM D40520.7830.8190.835
Viscosity @ 20°C (cP) ASTM D70423.536121
Viscosity @ 37°C (cP) ASTM D7042 2.31647
Viscosity @ 60°C (cP) ASTM D7042 1.68.322
Bromine No. (g Br2/100g) ASTM D115971.2<1<1
BiodegradabilityOECD 301B>70%>60%>20%
Biobased Carbon ContentASTM D6866100%100%100%
Naturally Derived IndexISO 161281.0000.995 0.995
INCI DESIGNATION: Isohexadecene (LIGHT), C32-54 Isoalkane (PURE & RICH)

Frequently Asked Questions

All Luxtra grades originate from plant oils, which yields the high Naturally Derived Index (NDI as defined by ISO 16128). We do not add anything else to our products to ensure the NDI is as close to 1 as possible. Our end products, despite having plant origins are not found in nature, and therefore can be viewed as synthetic. Essentially, we take the best nature has to offer, and then upgrade it to deliver the best performance and NDI to our customers.

Luxtra grades have measurable biodegradability because of the unique structures and purity we achieve that enable decomposition. It seems countintuitive, but it was essential that Luxtra grades deliver superior experience to the user, and not adversely impacting the environment. Part of our philosophy is to do less harm, and this is one example.

Our INCI names follow the nomenclature guidelines set forth by PCPC, and although they do not sound ‘natural’ they are perfectly indicative of the chemical makeup of the materials.

Luxtra LIGHT: Isohexadecene
Luxtra PURE: C32-54 Isoalkane
Luxtra RICH:  C32-54 Isoalkane

Rest assured, the ISO 16128 Natural Derived Index for Luxtra are 99.7% or greater

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