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Renewably-Sourced High Performance Fluid

Derived exclusively from renewable carbon sources, NovaSolv embodies the virtues of modern-day green chemistry: uncompromised performance delivered in a better-for-the-planet format. NovaSolv is made from sustainable plant oils and transformed into pure hydrocarbon molecules through an advanced industrial biotechnology platform.

Novvi’s proprietary process creates a unique eco-alternative without the impurities associated with crude petroleum. Designed to perform in systems such as cleaners, lubricants, paints, coatings, inks, and personal care, NovaSolv simultaneously provides improvements on environmental metrics like biodegradability, toxicity, and sustainability. As a new to the world sustainable hydrocarbon solvent, NovaSolv 160 is positioned to be the premier petro-alternative.

  • Allows for formulations that meet strict regulatory considerations
  • Utilizes existing infrastructure for product use and disposal
  • Performs in cold environments
  • Good lubrication & oxidation, reduced health hazards
  • Reduced human exposure & improved toxicity profile
  • Reduces potential for environmental damage caused by spills or leakage
  • Low VOC, narrow boiling range
Benefits of upcycled sustainable plant oils
  • Wide range of environmentally-friendly attributes
  • Fully compatible with mineral oil
  • Low pour point
  • No aromatic content
  • No sulfur content
  • Biodegradable
  • Designer hydrocarbons

A unique eco alternative free of impurities

typical properties
PropertiesMethodNovaSolv 160
AppearanceVisualBright and Clear
ColorASTM D1500< 0.5
Density, 15°C (kg/L)ASTM D40520.78
Viscosity, 40°C (cSt)ASTM D4452.8
Pour point (°C)ASTM D97< -15
Aniline point (°C)ASTM D61178
Flash point (°C)ASTM D92135
Flash point (°C)ASTM D93121
Biobased Carbon ContentASTM D6866-C100%
Biodegradability, % degraded @
OECD 301B70%
CARB LVP-VOC Content (wt%)Title 17, California COR,
Section 94508

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our products meet all conditions for a Low Vapor Pressure-Volatile Organic Compound (LVP-VOC) exemption.

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