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Sustaining Your Product + Planet

PureNova process oils are exclusively produced from sustainable plant feedstocks, which are converted to highly specified paraffin molecules using a proprietary platform technology. Decoupled from crude petroleum, PureNova process oils are pure saturated compounds, containing no sulfur, PAHs or polar species found in conventional oils.

Designed to perfectly straddle the balance between performance and sustainability, PureNova performs in the most strenuous applications where oxidative stability, best-in-class volatility, and color are critical to success, whilst simultaneously improving key environmental metrics like biodegradability, toxicity, and renewability.  As a new to the world sustainable hydrocarbon process oil, PureNova is positioned to be the premiere petro-alternative.

  • High impact, low investment substitution
  • Carbon negative to reduce product carbon footprint
  • Performance in low temperature environments
  • Minimal evaporative losses, no VOC during processing, reduces fogging, enhances flexibility retention
  • No conflict with curing mechanism
  • Thermally and UV stable with excellent color retention

A new level of control for formulators and specifiers

PureNova 2609 General purpose use grade
PureNova 2304 Greater plasticization, higher flow
PureNova 1351 Greatest plasticization, ultra-high flow

Maintain performance today, tomorrow and beyond
PropertiesMethodPureNova 2609PureNova 2304PureNova 1351
AppearanceVisualBright & Clear Bright & Clear Bright & Clear
ColorASTM D156>28+30>28
Density 15°C (kg/L)ASTM D40520.8350.8190.780
Refractive Index, 20°C1.4641.4561.441
Viscosity, 40°C (cSt)ASTM D44558.519.02.8
Viscosity, 100°C (cSt) ASTM D445 9.54.31
Viscosity, 100°C (SUS) Estimated271.088.013.0
Pour Point (C°)ASTM D5949-21-43<-15
Flash Point (°C)ASTM D92260230135
Bromine IndexASTM D2710<200 <200 <200
Biodegradability (%)OECD 301BInherently Biodegradable Inherently Biodegradable Inherently Biodegradable
Biobased Carbon ContentASTM D6866100% 100% 100%
EcotoxicityOECD 201, 202, 203Pass Pass Pass
Carbon Type Analysis (%)
– CaInternal Method<1 <1 <1
– Cn Internal Method <1 <1 <1
– Cp Internal Method >99 >99 >99

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, our products are free from impurities, and also have very tight molecular weight distribution.

We welcome the chance to have this conversation about the GHG emissions of your product. Using published data and our Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for PureNova we can estimate a net difference of carbon emissions on your product, which can, in turn, be communicated to your customer. This level of transparency may not be typical, but we believe that it is essential to achieving your carbon neutrality pledge.

PureNova is a pure, non-polar paraffin molecule, and consequently can provide superior compatibility in non-polar polymers.  For example, styrenic-block-copolymers, polyolefins and polyolefin elastomers, EPDM, and natural rubber.

Similarly, PureNova is compatible with while oils, silicone oils, triglycerides, and many other oils that could be used in processing. You can confidently drop it into existing manufacturing setting knowing that it will not create a cumbersome changeover.

Absolutely not. PureNova grades have demonstrated resilience against heat, UV and time without any measurable property loss. Biodegradability is initiated under very specific set of conditions, and not one that a performance plastic is likely to encounter during its serviceable life. You can be confident that including PureNova into your formulations will deliver unparalleled stability in the most arduous of conditions.

Become a part of the solution.