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Sustainable Synthetic Base Oil (SSBO)

Novvi has created a new type of base oil called sustainable synthetic base oil (SSBO).  SSBO elevates performance and sustainability standards for the lubricants industry.  SSBO is a 100% renewable, plant-derived, synthetic base oil. 

SynNova is composed of pure hydrocarbon molecules, free of impurities found in conventional base oils, and delivers category-leading stability and performance. 

SynNova is drop-in ready.  Customers can efficiently substitute SSBO for fossil-derived base oils.  They can do so with the full confidence that SSBO can meet the toughest challenges.

  • Renewable plant oil origin
  • Unlock OEM specs with top-tier synthetic performance
  • Super correction fluid for formulation flexibility
  • Performance differentiation to create value

Performance 1st

SynNova’s outstanding volatility and stability are demonstrated in a Sequence IIIH engine test result. This test was run with Infineum additives in a 100% SynNova 0W-20 GF-6 formulation.

The viscosity increase is a measure of the oil’s ability to keep the lubricant at an optimal viscosity throughout its life in the engine. Constant viscosity ensures optimal lubrication and maximizes fuel efficiency while driving down emissions. The SynNova based formulation achieves 0.1% viscosity increase ensuring peak efficiency from the first day of operation to the last. To put the result in context with a basic pass, conventional or premium oil is allowed to double in viscosity before this test would fail, while SynNova provides a 100% factor of safety. 

When it comes to achieving fuel economy and durability SynNova performs.

SynNova 4 SSBO

SynNova 4 was designed for modern engine oils. It can provide optimum initial fill and retained fuel economy performance coupled with the durability today’s consumers and OEMs demand.

Typical PropertiesMethodSynNova 4 SSBOPAOGP III+GP III
Viscosity 100°C (cSt)D4454.
Viscosity IndexD2270137124134122
Pour Point(°C)D5949 (D97)-43-72-18-18
CCS @-35°C (cP) D52931,7501,3002,0002,750
NOACK (%)D58008.013.413.014.2

Cradle-to-Gate GHG Emissions of 5W-20 PCMO formulations with different base oils using the same addpack.

Petroleum derived base stock Cradle-to-Gate analysis obtained from published peer-reviewed LCA reports, Girottie et al, 2011 


SynNova SSBO has a carbon negative cradle-to-gate LCA for GHG emissions.

SynNova offers a solution to one of the lubricant’s biggest challenges, how to reduce its Scope 3 emissions and meet carbon neutrality targets.


SynNova was designed to pass OECD biodegradability testing requirments for environmentally friendly lubricants and not suffer from oxidative or hydrolytic stability issues.

Our EcoLabel (EL) line of base oils are certified and registered to make it easy to adopt environmentaly freindly solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no other renewable base oil that can compete with SynNova on performance and provide a ‘drop-in’ alternative to fossil-based oils. There are renewable Group V base oils like vegetable oils and some synthetic esters that will deliver renewability but cannot accommodate compatibility, performance, specifications, and economics. We are sure that this will change over time, but today, SynNova is the only renewable option that will deliver performance and compatibility with renewability.

SynNova SSBO is classified as a Group III API base oil.   SynNova meets all of the requirements of API 1509 documentation for base oil classification of saturates >90%, aromatics <10%, sulfur <0.03%, and viscosity index >120.

Yes, SynNova SSBO is a pure hydrocarbon molecule so they are miscible and substitutable with mineral oil formulations.  SynNova acts similar to other Group III and IV base oils for solubility and should be treated from a formulation perspective in the same way.

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