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Building the Next Generation Electric Drive Fluids (EDFs) for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Jason Rosalli Presents at 2022 STLE E-Mobility Conference

When formulating more energy efficient EDFs, key parameters such as thermal management, film thickness, coefficient of friction (COF), electrical, oxidative stability, and wear performance must be considered. Balancing these key performance metrics while driving towards improved eAxle efficiency requires careful selection of both base oil and additive chemistries. A recent study looked at the attributes of an EDF formulation, which leverages the novel base oil and additive technology. The test involved five candidate fluids with different base oil chemistries with differentiated rheological properties. Each fluid was formulated with the same robust additive package to ensure top-tier wear performance. The formulations were examined for wear properties, electrical performance, film thickness, and COF in both EHD and across
the Stribeck curve. Finally, each fluid was run on a dynamometer test and the efficiency at static torque and speed points were compared to a reference fluid. The unique structural characteristics of the novel base oils, in combination with EDF additives, showed measurable efficiency benefits on the dynamometer while providing excellent electrical and mechanical performance. The results of this collaborative effort will be discussed in detail in this presentation.