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PRI Editors’ Choice Selects ECORSA Motorsport Non-Petroleum Racing Oil

ECORSA Motorsport Non-Petroleum Racing Oil, The Name In Sustainable And Renewable Racing Lubricants, Is Selected As PRI Magazine’s Editors’ Choice

PRI Magazine, Performance Racing Industry’s premier monthly publication, sifts through hundreds of products each month while looking for unique, stand-out options for the racing industry. The word “sustainability” it not often associated with the racing industry, and usually is one of the last places people might associate it with. ECORSA Motorsport Non-Petroleum Racing Oils, high performance sustainable and renewable lubricants, are helping change that narrative by leading the way with racing engine oils made from sustainable plant biomass.

This month of October 2022, ECORSA Motorsport Non-Petroleum Racing Oil was selected and displayed at the beginning of the publication. As the only sustainable and renewable high performance racing engine oil, ECORSA Motorsport’s non-petroleum technology allows for greater horsepower and torque with increased protection. Renewable hydrocarbon molecules allow for performance gains over typical high-performance petroleum options, leading to lower operating temperatures and increased engine life. The same non-petroleum base oil technology is employed in 0W-40 EvoSyn Non-Petroleum Engine Oil which was tested by Porsche AG in the summer of 2021.

ECORSA Motorsport attended the PRI show in December 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana, with many individuals and companies learning about ECORSA Motorsport. Many were amazed that racing oils now could be made without petroleum and still be high performance. Learning that race cars such as Porsche 917Ks, Formula Atlantic race cars, and modern race cars were now using this advanced technology left an impression with those who stopped at the non-petroleum booth at PRI.

This radical thinking has led ECORSA Motorsport to create a host of non-petroleum racing products, multiple viscosities for all types of applications, while continuing to support sustainability within racing. The more sustainable racing practices that can be supported, the longer everyone can continue to enjoy their favorite type of racing.

Learn more about non-petroleum racing oils here: Click here to learn more about ECORSA Motorsport Non-Petroleum Racing Oils.