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SynNova® 100% renewable base oils now available across Europe from Multisol

5th July 2021

Novvi LLC (Emeryville, CA) and Multisol Ltd (Daresbury, UK), a subsidiary of Brenntag SE within the Brenntag Lubricants EMEA Business Unit, have begun a European distribution partnership to promote Novvi’s platform of unique, ultra-high performance base oils manufactured entirely from renewable plant oils. 

These base oils are designed to meet today’s requirements as well as facilitate next-generation OEM specifications, lower carbon footprints to meet regulations and deliver on carbon neutrality targets, as well as provide cost-effective formulations. Novvi’s base oils have demonstrated exceptional performance in both automotive and industrial lubricants.

Novvi LLC manufactures SynNova® base oils in LaPorte, Texas with proprietary technology using plant oil feedstocks.  SynNova delivers ultra-low volatility, together with exceptional CCS performance and viscosity index for a robust performance to enable low-viscosity motor oil grades.  Coupled with a carbon-negative cradle-to-gate LCA, SynNova® stands in a class of its own. In industrial, the base oils have unsurpassed stability plus biodegradability.

SynNova was designed with future technical and  lower-carbon aspirations of lubricant marketers and users in mind.  Inclusion of Novvi’s base oils into Brenntag Lubricants EMEA’s portfolio that already contains Chevron Group II, Neste Group III base oils and PAO along with Infineum and Evonik additive packages, provides customers with the ability to deliver on any performance or lower-carbon value proposition.  Paul Kerwin, Base Oils Account Director for Multisol-Brenntag Lubricants EMEA stated that future lubricant technology will increasingly rely on materials with lower-carbon credentials and enhanced performance at ultra-low viscosity, and SynNova base oils are well placed to meet these requirements.

David Hopkinson, President of Brenntag Lubricants EMEA, commented that the addition of SynNova base oils into the portfolio will enhance the exceptionally strong lower-carbon credentials of the Brenntag Lubricants EMEA Business Unit which are already well supported through the partnership with Chevron and Neste and the access to resource-efficient technologies from Infineum and Evonik. It also builds on successes that Brenntag Lubricants has had with Novvi in the US, through its business unit formerly known as J.A.M. Distributing.

Jeff Brown, CEO of Novvi, commented, “We are delighted that Brenntag Lubricants EMEA has joined the team to promote SynNova to solve difficult challenges facing the lubricant industry. Whether it is a demanding OEM requirement or a corporate objective to reduce carbon emissions, Novvi can facilitate the transition to new thresholds of performance and the carbon neutrality requirements of tomorrow.  With industry leading volatility and great CCS, our SynNova base oils can immediately help many customers meet low-viscosity, fuel-efficient engine oil specifications with the best formulation economics,” noted Brown, co-founder of Novvi. “Whether you need to meet the most demanding OEM requirement for an engine or want to create a carbon-neutral offering for an industrial customer, Novvi’s base oils can help you to future-proof your product line.”

SynNova products are now available across Europe from Brenntag Lubricants EMEA, including the various Multisol entities.