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Top Tier for Neste

July 8, 2021

Neste is on a renewable roll this week. The Finnish refiner is getting ready to release Nexbase 4+, a base stock developed in collaboration with Novvi, a Houston-based sustainable base oil company that provided the technology and facilities to produce the new material.

According to Neste, more than 60% of the new base stock is comprised of renewable components and is being marketed as a drop-in replacement for fossil-based Group III oils and polyalphaolefins for low-viscosity, low-volatility engine oils.

Neste’s MY Renewable Diesel also scored Top Tier Diesel Fuel certification, the first renewable diesel to acquire this fuel performance specification. Neste produces more than 3.8 billion liters of renewable products per year, and is currently fourth in the Corporate Knights’ list of the top 100 most sustainable companies.