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High performance plant-derived emollients with sensorial excitement

Form and function, Luxtra® emollients deliver what is coveted by formulators and consumers alike. Synthetic molecules with carefully curated branched structures provide alternative to silicones and petroleum derived ingredients that often illicit a similar user experience.

Incorporate Luxtra to refresh your portfolio, or create altogether new products. Gain additional value through protection and delivery of oil soluble actives, including UV filters, vitamin E and more.

  • Created with texture in mind
  • Simplify formulations with multi-functional ingredients 
  • Leading alternative to undesirables

Better Replacement Alternatives

Images above give perspective on product texture and equivalence

Endless Substitution Potential

Creating sensory profiles often factors the viscosity of the emollient used – light and delicate, or rich and nourishing. Regardless of what you are looking to create, a Luxtra grade or blend will get you there.

Multifunctional Products Do More

Product simplification at its finest. Luxtra LIGHT provides solvency for challenging active ingredients, such as avobenzone.

Recreate complex viscosity profiles with Luxtra grades or layer their individual aesthetics to create intriguing blends.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Luxtra grades originate from plant oils, which yields the high Naturally Derived Index (NDI as defined by ISO 16128). We do not add anything else to our products to ensure the NDI is as close to 1 as possible. Our end products, despite having plant origins are not found in nature, and therefore can be viewed as synthetic. Essentially, we take the best nature has to offer, and then upgrade it to deliver the best performance and NDI to our customers.

Luxtra grades have measurable biodegradability because of the unique structures and purity we achieve that enable decomposition. It seems countintuitive, but it was essential that Luxtra grades deliver superior experience to the user, and not adversely impacting the environment. Part of our philosophy is to do less harm, and this is one example.

Our INCI names follow the nomenclature guidelines set forth by PCPC, and although they do not sound ‘natural’ they are perfectly indicative of the chemical makeup of the materials.

Luxtra LIGHT: Isohexadecene
Luxtra PURE: C32-54 Isoalkane
Luxtra RICH:  C32-54 Isoalkane

Rest assured, the ISO 16128 Natural Derived Index for Luxtra are 99.7% or greater

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